There are many instances where you might want to consider hiring IT recruiters. Perhaps you need a highly-specialized technology consultant at your Columbus firm for a three-month special project. Or maybe you wish to launch a new product—or rebuild an existing one—and need an experienced technology team to help you do so. Or perhaps with your company’s growth, you now require a full-time, senior-level IT manager to join your team.

For any of these scenarios, the process and cost of ad placement, networking, reviewing and filtering resumes, pre-qualifying and interviewing candidates, assessing their technical knowledge, and checking references can be overwhelming. In addition, if the process of recruiting technical resources isn’t your core strength, it’s easy to make mistakes throughout the process that can put the success of your initiative in jeopardy. This is where third-party IT staffing services can help.

However, even if you do hire IT recruiters for their expertise, you must consider their success rate and overall goal. Are they looking to fill a seat for the short-term, or do they have your best interests in mind to help you find the right candidate for the position in an effort to build a long-term relationship? Contracting or hiring the wrong person can prove very costly to your organization in the form of missed deadlines, turnover, poor work quality or errors that cause problems immediately or down the road, and more.

Leverage Our IT Staffing Experience and Expertise to Find the Right Candidate

Regardless of whether you need IT resources for two months, two years, or need them on a permanent basis, our team of recruiting and staffing professionals is ready to support you with the best technology resources when and how you need them.

IT Staffing and IT Professional Placement services have been key areas of focus for Jaca Group Consulting Group since our company’s beginning over 14 years ago. We have provided high-quality IT resources for many major companies in Central Ohio and surrounding areas for years, and have helped them with a wide variety of IT resource needs, including:

§  Application Development Using Microsoft Technologies (.Net)

§  EDI Consulting

§  IT Risk Management and IT Security Consulting

§  Network and Infrastructure Technology

§  Project Management

§  Business and Technical Analysis

§  Web Development