What we Offer

If you’re one of these leaders, you may feel that your current IT strategy is more about putting out fires than about helping you move into the future. We can help.

Strategic IT Consulting Services for your Small Business

Jaca Group Consulting  is here to address that gap and offer you the kind of balanced IT and business consulting that will help you move from strategy to action to ROI—quickly and efficiently. Our IT strategic consulting services will help you develop and obtain a clear overall technology vision and plan so that you will feel confident that both your network and your valuable data are in good hands.

We’ll assist in overall IT planning and in individual IT projects, and help you develop the master IT plan that will take your company into the future. We’ll also explore the most efficient and cost-effective methods of utilizing and maintaining your IT resources going forward.

An Array of IT Strategy Services

Jaca Group Consulting  offers an array of services that will assist your small business in developing the ideal IT strategy

 IT Audit

What is an IT Audit?

An accounting audit is familiar to most companies. Your accounting company comes into your business and carefully reviews your numbers and documents to make sure they all add up.

Jaca Group Consulting Group offers an IT audit that does the same thing with your computers, servers, network, processes, and architecture. We determine if your current system is performing up to par, identify emerging issues, and uncover problem areas that are destined to become a roadblock.

In addition, we’ll provide suggested courses of action to make your important IT resources run smoothly and efficiently. We’ll help you determine if you’re maximizing your IT ROI, and make recommendations for processes and technologies that will help you get there.

Evaluating One Technology Piece at a Time

Jaca Group’s IT audit starts by our expert team members discussing your needs, goals and challenges, and going through your entire IT environment. This includes:

§  Checking for proper operation of all hardware (computers, printers, network devices and any other peripherals you are using)

§  Analyzing your network architecture

§  Determining if the proper protocols are implemented in the correct way

§  Checking that your computers and devices are communicating in an optimal fashion

§  And more

We then take  a more in-depth look at  individual device. We’ll catalog your software and determine if it is up to date. We analyze  the safety of your all-important company data, and determine if sufficient safeguards are in place for your precious data.


We’ll interview your staff to determine if they are efficiently utilizing their technology resources. And if you have an IT department, our IT audit report will identify what your IT department is doing well. We then outline the procedures that could be fine-tuned, more responsive and efficient. In other words, we help a good IT department become a great one.